How To Build A Cupola

If you want add a touch of ventilation and decoration to the top of your home, garage, or barn you want to learn how to build a cupola. The process is simple enough and is very accessible. Since the do it yourself culture is rather active with cupolas, there are many different plans available online for free or for purchase. Cupola plans range from relatively simple to rather complex, so there are many different looks that are suitable as additions to a number of different architectural styles.

How To Build A Cupola

When beginning any Do It Yourself project, it is always in the best interests of your project and your sanity to make sure that you have all of the necessary tools and materials. For most basic cupola designs, you are going to need: Hammer, Clamps, Miter saw, Tape measure, Caulk gun, Drill, Drill bit set, Framing square, Hearing protection, Jigsaw,  Safety glasses, Utility knife, Tin snips and a Table saw.

How To Build A CupolaWhen beginning construction, it is preferable to start with the vent housing. This is the framework, the main volume of the cupola and the shapes of its lower two thirds are determined by the shape of the vent housing. This usually entails beveling various pieces of wood into the desired shapes and then screwing the main framework together. The shape determines the look and personality of your cupola.

The most decorative feature of any cupola is the “Witch’s Cap” roof, which often features curved rafters that culminate in a point at the top, which is sometimes capped with a weather vane of some kind. Roosters are often associated with cupolas.  Select a roof that expresses the aesthetic that you desire. The right plans for you will jump out to your eye as having the appropriate style for you.

Next, you must custom fit the saddle of the cupola. You measure the dimensions of your roof and determine the appropriate depth at which the saddle will sit. Cut a hole in the roof to size and attach the saddle. Then, all there is left to do is assemble all three components: the saddle, the vent housing, and the roof, using screws. How to build a cupola plans often vary from design to design, but this will be the general process most of the time.

How To Build A Cupola

Plans For How To Build A Cupola

The right cupola plans can truly transform a dull rooftop into something special. This decoration adds interest and ventilation to either your house or your garage. Doing the construction and installation yourself adds a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to the expense of adding the cupola. Now that you know how to build a cupola, all you need to do is find the motivation to start your project!