Cupola Kits

You need to look at cupola kits if you are planning one of those ornamental dome like structures that were quite common in homes built in turn of the century homes. Such kits will allow you to add this decorative structure to a place of business, a home or any other structure that you feel will look better with such a decorative feature. Cupolas normally cover circular or polygonal areas with a dome. They are used extensively in gazebos in gardens.

Cupolas quite often act as main roofs, or may be part of a roof that extends like a spire or turret. In large buildings the cupola will also have large glazed portions that allow the area inside to get lighted up. It also allows such glazing to be placed over a larger area than the area being covered, because of its shape.

Cupola KitsCupola Kits Save Time

Cupolas are normally accessed from the inside of a building and create a vantage point at the highest point of a building. Well designed cupolas will have a walkway on the inner side quite often referred to as a ‘widow’s walk’. The lighting when provided acts like a lantern and is referred to by that name. Tall buildings with cupolas normally feature a weather vane to indicate wind direction. Some cupolas may even have louvers to facilitate ventilation.

Most architects will be more than happy to design a cupola for the area that a customer has in mind. There are a number of cupola manufacturers who will also willingly design and arrange to supply you with cupola plans. When planning a cupola you need:

  • The area that needs to be covered
  • Glazing and other features that you are looking for
  • Details of supporting structure and its ability to carry the necessary weight
  • Features and architectural details of the structure or its surroundings
  • Whether access and a walkway is required
  • Type of roofing envisaged

Cupola Kits

Types Of Cupola Kits

Kits can come in a range of materials varying from wood, metal and vinyl. Even the roofing can vary from slate, vinyl, acrylic and copper. Most cupola kits can be fitted on rooftops, patios, gazebos and any other structure. Most kits can be assembled and put up in very little time. Sizes of cupolas normally relate to the roof being covered, though for very small areas the entire roof structure can be formed by a cupola.

When you order cupola kits you need to be very sure of the opening that you need to cover. A cupola kit will consist of the sides of the cupola, louvered or otherwise, the cupola roof and any other fitments like weather vanes. Very large cupolas will normally have walkways, but such cupolas are normally tailor made for a site and will rarely come in the form of cupola kits.